Frequently Asked Questions

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to some of our most frequently asked questions.

1 Are Physical Examinations Important?
Yes! Physical Examinations are just as important as yearly blood work and vaccinations. It is another resource to make sure your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life.
2Is it okay to call with questions about my pet?
Yes! Your pet is our first priority. Burns Court Veterinary Care is happy to help navigate whatever questions you may have.
3How can I schedule an appointment?
You can request a Fear Free visit online or give us a call to book an appointment.
4My pet gets anxious at the vet, what can I do?
The floor-plan of Burns Court Veterinary Care was specifically designed in order to decrease fear and anxiety in the veterinary space for both pets and their parents. We have Fear Free certified team members and are working on our Fear Free® practice certification.
5 In order to properly diagnose any pet
In order to properly diagnose any pet, an in-person examination is vital, for many ethical and moral reasons. Burns Court Veterinary Care encourages you to schedule a visit if you are concerned about your pet or in need of preventative wellness care.